[EVENT] Monster PVP

Another interesting event in our arsenal - Monster PvP

1. Immediately when you spawn you will notice a good amount of monsters in front of you. They will drop rewards upon death. Your goal is to kill them all.
2. After you are finished with them, you will encounter a Raid Boss with his minions. They will all drop something upon death. Kill them to get the reward.
3. When you kill the Raid Boss, there you will have 2 minutes of pvp time until the event is finished.
Important rules:
- If you get killed, you will be kicked out of the event
- You will not be able to make parties inside of the event
- This is designed to be a kind of a Solo farm/pvp event so the damage of the monsters is lowered
- You can register by pressing Alt + B > Cabinet > Events > Monster PVP

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