Classic vs Interlude

In this topic I would like to discuss some differences between the new Classic and the old Interlude chronicle.
We have both platforms nearly ready but we want to hear your opinions regarding this subject.
I will state characteristics of both chronicles and what are our limitations and possibilities.
So far its configured as retail(no custom items) but with few special add-ons such as:
1)Automated events

As you can see there is a lot, but they are not configured properly, so some time needs to be spent in setting zones and other conditions in order for them to work.
2)Achievement system

This is something that solo players can benefit from and avoid boredom on a daily basis. Although this system is it it's alpha stage, it is missing a lot of work
and by that I mean various checks and achievement variation.

There are also things worth mentioning like: pvp zones, possibility of static epic times, auction system, and other regular things, but
we don't have access to the source so we can't modify certain things like ach system and events or implement stuff like rebirth system and so on.
Pros: Possible events, achievement system, pvp zones, close to 0 bugs in game, 100% implementation of retail stuff, familiar content
Cons: Old chronicle, implementation of new things can be very time-consuming, huge competition
1) What can you immediately notice when you enter the game is the renewed interface and couple of other things:
2) Daily missions
This is something like an achievement system. You get rewarded for each level you obtain + there are some other daily and weekly quests you can complete.
3) Unique events

This is something we are really proud of. Here is the brief explanation of the events:
Town War
Monster PvP
Last 6 Hero - This is a 6 rounds last man standing event, winners of each round go to the final round, where they all fight for the absolute winner.
Party/Clan/CC PvP Auto Event - Even amount of parties have to be registered (2-4-8-16-32) for the event. They fight each other, winners go to the next round, losers are ported out. Everything is automatic and configurable
4) H5-like Olympiad
Imagine having H5 Olympiad in Interlude. Simply awesome.

From our point of view, Classic is not that much different from Interlude, but there are some things that are absent: S grade items (max lvl is 80), Subclasses, some epics (Valakas, Frintezza, Antharas). Apart from that, everything else is pretty much the same or just looks a bit different.
Pros: Doesn't need much work to go live, better performance, unique events, lots of content, every class has a purpose, low competition
Cons: Missing a few features from Interlude (if this is even considered a con), small amount of content is unfamiliar to non Classic players, amount of players that play Classic is lower than Interlude's.
That was pretty much it. Give us your thoughts regarding this subject and whether or not you guys are open for new experiences. Thanks.

Re: Classic vs Interlude

Well i would support the Classic option too.

I believe that lineage and especially interlude is pretty much done for because it's the same routine in every server.
So.. anything that can bring new gameplay and character progression to the game can be beneficial i guess.
Of course it depends on what the server aims to be [a pvp server or an actual "mmo"] and what the Lineage player wants today.. But the sure thing is that the player must be able to do activities whenever he logs despite the company/pvp.

Good luck :)

Re: Classic vs Interlude

It's always nice to have feedback guys, but just shouting "Classic!!" is maybe enough as it's more of a reflexion within experienced l2 players. Maybe you could backup your opinion a little bit.

My personal opinion is leaning towards Interlude. It was the way I enjoyed and still enjoy the game. I got nothing against classic don't get me wrong, just that I'm personally attached to older chronicles and I think it might be some other people case too. The real challenge is to forsee if the amount of "interlude fans" players you would lose is higher than new players you will reach with a classic chronicle.

But if we're discussing about a new server, my personal opinion about the game doesn't matter. Think the goal is to try to reason and anticipate the market reaction. (the market being l2 private server players community still out there.

My opinion about the " l2 private server players community" is that it doesn't really matter after all whether you chose Classic or Interlude. Yes, it will be nice to have classic, you'll have a fresh look. But it's a common mistake done so much in the past by previous staffs to believe you had to change thelook of your server, when the essence of it actually is the same. Classic or Interlude will die within 1 month or 2, as any other server, if the features don't follow. I won't argue about what features are worth to be worked on in this topic, as I think it's maybe not the right place, if the goal is to determinate which Chronicle we would play on.

Sure, Classic might bring up features that I am myself not even aware of, so to be completely fair it's hard to be objective about a Chronicle I do not know much about. Sure it looks cool, but I'm not convinced till I see some actual new features that would be worth changing chronicle, which probably means (you have to face it) a change of target too.

---> a small TL;DR ("too long, didn't read")

In my opinion, it is still possible to make a good and popular interlude server, just need to rethink the features. When I mean features I don't mean new zones or new custom armors or any shit like that, I mean change the essence, in other words the goal that players have to reach ingame. For me switching to Classic chronicle is not enough to make l2 private scene great again

Re: Classic vs Interlude

You brought up some good points in your post, Lloyd.
We are very well aware that looks won't prolong server's life so I must say that Classic chronicle brings up much more than just a fresh interface.
Features I mentioned above ( Events, Olympiad, Daily Missions) are just part of the things that cant be seen on Interlude servers, so it definitely has content advantage for now, and by that I mean when we compare the Interlude we have now vs Classic we currently have.
As for the market reaction, yes, that is definitely the point here.
I made this thread to see if the people are willing to open themselves to new experience, which is not so much different than Interlude, but still better in performance and content.
If the answer is yes, we can then target Interlude community and explain to them what will they be getting with Classic, but in the same time not to neglect the already existing Classic community.
A new person can't comprehend all the things that Classic offers but it won't be that much of a big deal once you log in the game.
I will provide links with access to the closed beta server so anyone can see for himself.
In the meantime, you can watch this video below:

Re: Classic vs Interlude

Classic is a huge step up compared to Interlude, but as Lloyd said older chronicles were always shitload of fun. Maybe its time to move on from Interlude and knee to the a newer and fresher L2 with a classic based one.
And is it just me or does the PvP in the video look like random shit? Maybe I havent see PvP with support classes in a while.

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