A brief introduction of the fixes made so far:
  • Fixed Doom Light bonus
  • Certain buffs were not disappearing after death - now they are
  • Reworked Critical Damage formula - now CD buffs are multiplying each other
  • Queen Ant behavior fixed - now it is casting spells instead of physically attacking, not crossing the river
  • % of Stun Resistance no longer affects the damage made by Stun skills
  • Corpse Burst no longer damages pets of pt members
  • Levels are now affecting the buff land rate -
  • Quick Spear has the appropriate minimum range of casting (150)
  • Melee mobs can no longer attack you out of range if you are under UD
  • Removed Cancellation from various mobs and Raid Bosses
  • Benefaction Talisman now has the appropriate effect; Talismans are stacking
  • Other minor fixes


  • Fixed Duel
  • Fixed animation of the cubics - animation is now synchronized with the effect
  • Fixed an issue where Raid Bosses weren't receiving damage from stun spells
  • Added teleport to Aden areas
  • Removed negative effect from Esprit and Acrobatic passives
  • Fixed visual bugs with hats
  • Geodata updated - No more shooting through walls in Castles and ToI
  • Proper level of Cov/pof/powater/wind is implemented in the buffer
  • On screen messages are now showing the amount of healed HP and DPS
  • Increased scheme limit to 36 buffs per scheme


  • Fixed event starting and ending times
  • Raid bosses are now being teleported to spawn when pulled too far.
  • Fixed the problem where ring of Baium and AQ from daily missions were making critical damage go to 0
  • Fixed Cruma teleport on 1st floor
  • Added Berserker Blade to GM shop
  • Increased flagged time of characters

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