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Re: Some Buggs..

i tried using the skill and well as i understand it as it writes my auto hits should be aoe to 3 monster or w.e but it wouldnt do nothing. I tried it a week ago tho maby you did something about it , i will try again today. The skill makes your range increased so you can hit 3 more targets, not 3 ta...

Re: Агрессия

Я сомневаюсь, что это правда, но мы можем проверить, вы можете отправить мне личное сообщение, когда вы снова убиваете босса рейда

Re: Some Buggs..

1.So the water part from devil's island to zakens ship when you wanna swim thrue had geodata issues. 2. Destro skill "broad sweep" doesnt work should make autoattacks aoe for +2 targets , doesnt do nothing. 3.Random DC's occur and a rollback of the characters location happens.4 error my bad :D 5 . ...

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